Ministering To The Wounded: Using Prayers & Essential Oils
By Dr. Mary & MamaHug Barbara Ward Stephens
This highly loved class: Ministering To The Wounded: Using Prayers & Essential Oils, has helped many individuals go deeper in their healing and wholeness. 

MamaHug studied and learned for 2 years how the Lord was using pure essential oils for His glory in Total Wellness. She put her findings together in PDF Guide Book and Video Training.  

The world is a hurting place, filled with people that are deeply wounded. 

Inside this Guide Book, you will have all the tools and essential oils you need to heal the broken and set the captives free!

Dr. Mary Starr Carter is known as the Total Wellness Doc and Mom working and training individuals about the use of Natural Medicine for almost 2 decades. Her classes are fun, informative and change lives. she is an authentic encourager being used by God to bring an Abundant Life of Wellness to families everywhere.
Mamahug is a 75 year old Granny who continues to change thousands of lives all over the world. Raised by abusive and neglectful parents she was married at 16 years old and had 3 children by her early twenties. Seeing hurt and outcast teenagers in her church inspired her to start loving these kids into the Kingdom. 
She has loved and cared for more than 56 teenage foster kids in her home. Although as a child she was labeled with a low IQ and could barely read; God miraculously healed her inabilities. She would go on to be an outstanding and effective counselor, author and speaker for more than 45 years. Thousands have sought and found true healing on the Cross through Mamahug’s ministry of an Abundant Life of Freedom. 
What Others Are Saying About Ministering To The Wounded...
"Thank you for sending Mama Hug's Ministering To The Wounded: Using Prayers & Essential Oils. It is what I have been looking for. For myself and my prayer has been to set the captives free. This is it. Thank you so much. I keep listening to it. So amazing. God is so good." 
~ Penny LeClair, Kingdom Mindset Practitioner

"The combination of this book and class are powerful tools that have given me new perspective."
~ Katherine Lawrence

"I didn't know what I was going to receive when I pressed play today on Ministering To The Wounded: Using Prayers & Essential Oils, but I had already pulled out a few oils because my heart was so so heavy with grief from recent challenges, a family death and other worries. I kept hearing the word "broken heart" all of last night and this morning and sleep would not come, not even with Lavender. So after what Mama suggests I feel lighter and better. This is powerful healing." 
~ Bethsarim Tromp 
What's Inside Ministering To The Wounded...
  •  Step by step guide on how to heal the wounded soul from the inside out 
  •  A comprehensive list of emotions and the suggested essential oils to use for all the different emotional triggers
  •  How to combat issues like abuse, anger, rage, and violence 
  •  The emotional side of food control and weight management issues and how to overcome
  •  Discover the exact words to use in prayer for all the emotional triggers such as bitter root, distrust, father wound, fear, grief, hardened heart, sexual abuse, and so much more...
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Healing The Broken: What To Do Say & Pray - Audio & PDF
The world is full of emotionally broken souls. You see them hurting every day. Hurting people are everywhere including our own home.  What if you you knew exactly what to do, say and pray? What if you could bring emotional healing to the broken?
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