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Reclaim the Person God
Created You To Be!
Because Deep Down You Know You Were Created For More...

Class Starts: Tuesday, August 28, 2018
You love God. You want to be all He designed you to be but you are stuck, frustrated, hurting, or hopeless. You don’t understand why you keep repeating the same mistakes or getting into the same bad situations again and again. . . 
You want to follow God and be your best self. 
But, you do a lot of things. You’re BUSY. You’ve got lots of responsibilities, and none of them are going to take a backseat while you figure out how to be and live better. Nope. They’re just going to get louder and more obnoxious until you give them your attention. You’re exhausted and beginning to feel like the “crabby Patty” of your house!

So you put on a smile and get through the day. You relax with your comfort foods, Dancing with the Stars, Facebook, or a glass of wine at night. A little bit of peace until you wake up and repeat life again tomorrow. A day with frustration, disappointment, discouragement that we aren’t where we want to be as a mother, wife, in our career or our walk with God. Day. After day. After day. 
You know there’s more to life than what you you’re settling for...
Or maybe you’ve already cracked under the pressure. You’ve let the responsibilities slide, and now the guilt is heaping up on you. You are stuck, unmotivated, turning to food, wine, entertainment to find comfort or zone out. You’re not responding to texts, your home is a mess, your health is suffering, and you feel paralyzed by how far you’ve let yourself go.

Or maybe you’ve gotten really good at serving and meeting everyone else’s needs at the expense of your own. You struggle with making time for yourself and loving yourself like you should and you’re finally ready to make some changes. You want to find yourself again but don’t know where to start. You’re wondering where you lost YOU along the way…
Imagine if you could...
  •  RECONNECT with the dreams and desires you had when you were a kid . . . AND start to see them come to fruition
  •  CUT OUT the negative chatter in your head 
  •  CLING TIGHT to God’s words about WHO you are in HIM!  
  •  Make SELF-CARE a priority (instead of engaging in self-destructive self-comfort)
  •  Rekindle the HAPPY, alive, and true person you are at your core 
  •  FIND YOURSELF after years of feeling like you’ve stuffed down your true desires to attend to everyone else’s needs 
  •  CUT OUT toxic relationships that have been dragging you down . . . and do it in a graceful yet totally firm way 
  •  INCORPORATE powerful, life-giving prayers into each and every day 
  •  WORSHIP wholeheartedly from a place of OVERFLOW rather than depletion 
  •  RECLAIM your power in Christ and start making a Kingdom impact in your everyday life!  

What if YOU could live FREE from your past?
Well you can! And there is no better time to start the Abundant Life journey then RIGHT NOW!

Are you going to stay in the same rut doing the same old thing or are you ready to TRANSFORM?
I have worked with physically hurting clients and patients for almost 2 decades. From serious painful conditions to debilitating digestive, sleep, and hormonal dysfunction. Most of my patients were women who had spent a lifetime taking care of everyone but themselves. Many of whom struggled with weight problems. I saw numerous diseases in the years I practiced Chiropractic and Wellness Coaching, but I know without a doubt that every single case I saw of disease and dysfunction has some ties to the person’s emotional health and past. 
You might be thinking WHAT how can my past give me a disease or dysfunction in my body? Well let me give you a few examples.  

Marilyn struggled with a lifetime of constipation. She ate well, lived well but just couldn’t get “regular” without laxatives. Then through some processing she remembered as a young child pooping her underwear and getting a severe punishment for it. Because of that trauma her body now saw pooping as being “BAD” and associated it with pain. Thankfully she was able to do some healing around this trauma and get her colon moving again on it’s own. 

Marta grew up with driven parents who only showed love when Marta had successes or accomplishments in her life. This drove Marta to constantly be striving, pushing and doing more. She never felt good enough, fit enough, important enough to win her parents affection. Marta had a poor self esteem and never felt truly loved by her parents. Interestingly she developed heart problems in her thirties. Then Marta found MamaHug’s Solutions for an Abundant Life classes and began to heal the wounds of her childhood. She found her worth, goodness, and realized she was ENOUGH. Ironically she stopped having heart problems. 

Sarah lived as a shy introvert mom for many years. She prioritized her family but never herself. She felt a great deal of grief when both her parents died and her body started to dysfunction. She attended MamaHug’s Solutions classes for several years. She says it was like these sunglasses came off of me and I learned about me, healed my past, my body, and saw myself as valuable and worthy. Today Sarah is a Speaker, Educator and Facilitator for thousands all over the United States. 

I can go on and on with story after story of emotional wounds leading to dysfunction in a person's body and life. 

The first few years I was in practice I couldn’t understand why a big percentage of the clients I saw were not getting better. They would come in week after week with the same issues. They would follow my eating plans, take the supplements, do the stretches, get the exercise but still not fully heal. What was missing?  

Healing Emotional & Spiritual Wounds
In late 2007 when I started to offer healing sessions with prayer and anointing clients started sharing some of the pain and trauma from their past. Whether it was a small hurts or big ones I could hear their pain and pray for them during my sessions.

The result was 75% improvement in their conditions. WOW. I couldn’t believe it, but over and over and over again I would see such an increase in clients health with this new way of wellness.

But because I didn’t fully understand it the work became emotionally and physically exhausting for me. I was just one person with lots of clients wanting my time. I got burned out and stopped seeing hands on clients for many years.

Then in 2016 God called me to connect with MamaHug. I didn’t listen for 9 months and then BOOM an opportunity came up for us to work together. My jaw was hanging on the floor the entire hour she presented at a Wellness conference we were doing. This work, these classes, this training WAS incredible. It was a simple and easy way to bring Wellness to clients everywhere without burning out the Facilitator. I knew I had to bring MamaHug to to the world online. Then people everywhere could get this deep Christ centered inner healing.  

For more than 45 years Mamahug’s counseling, classes, books, and trainings have helped heal hearts, RESTORED Relationships, alleviated Fear and STRESS , and TRANSFORMED lives.
People everywhere are living in FREEDOM and stepping into their God-given gifts.
MamaHug is helping others live WHOLEHEARTEDLY.
To laugh and love. To SHINE!

Solutions for an Abundant Life Online 
 a 12 week journey through healing wounds, renewing your mind and changing your life.

I know that from where you’re sitting right now, you may be feeling a tingle of fear! You remember those God-sized dreams you had when you were little, and you’ve spent your adult life trying to squash them down and be “responsible.” 

You’re thinking that you have NO TIME to put into an online program - and you certainly can’t spare any resources for your own personal development. That’s super selfish, right??!!! You’re supposed to work to contribute to those around you . . . to sacrifice to make THEIR lives better,right? 

Well that might be true but Jesus said “Love your neighbor as you Love yourself”. The fact is if you are not Loving yourself and taking care of yourself you can’t possibly love your neighbor well. And neighbor includes your spouse and kids too.

Think about it WOW right?

In a world of busy-ness, we are called to PRIORITIZE ourselves and love ourselves. We are called to be BRAVE, DARING, and PASSIONATE people He created us to be!  
Here is what you will find inside Solutions for an Abundant Life
Solutions for an Abundant Life Workbook
Upon your enrollment, you’ll be provided with weekly PDF’s of your Solutions Chapter Workbook. These digital Chapters can be printed out and put into your own binder and journal.

Working through the activities and implementing your training will help you get closer to the person you want to be.
  • 12 chapters to work through
  • Self-reflection and notes sections
13 Video Classes with Mama Hug:
You’ll have more than 12 hours of direct teaching from Mama Hug in her Solutions Training with Bible Based techniques to heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually and live an Abundant Life. 
  • 13 Videos to watch online.
  •  1 Video put out per week.
WEEKLY Group Prayer plus Q&A with MamaHug:
MamaHug comes from the school of hard-knocks and plenty of grace. She will be available once a week LIVE to pray for you and answer some of your questions. She will share (in love, always) but she is not going to sugar-coat anything but cupcakes. All of us will grow together! This will be a recorded LIVE session for you to participate live in or watch later.

  • Weekly LIVE Sessions recorded.
  • Private Facebook group so easy to join. 
Solutions Personal Assessments
These Personal Assessments are fun but serious deep thinking assessments that will help you dig deep into you, so you’ll be able to maximize the positive impact of this program in your life!

  • Weekly assessment checklist delivered.
  • Easy to use PDF format print it, fill it in & track you progress. 
You’ll be fully supported in community by other positive, encouraging participants and facilitators inside our private FB community. Here’s where you’ll find your prayer warriors and unwavering support for your journey.

BONUS #2 Prayers for Healing Booklet $27 value FREE 
You will receive specific prayers formulated over 45 years for healing. Use this as a tool in your own personal healing or as a facilitator for others healings. 
  • Digital download
  • Delivered after week 4 of classes 
BONUS #3 Healing the Broken Hearted Guide Book: $17 value FREE  
Learn the simple and easy tools that MamaHug uses when helping others. This 4 steps system can help you assist your family, friends or clients in their pain easily. 
  • Digital download
  •  Companion audio
BONUS #4 Ministering to the Wounded with Prayers and Essential oils TRAINING AND BOOK $47 value FREE
This highly loved class has helped many many individuals go deeper in their healing and wholeness. MamaHug studied and learned for 2 years how the Lord was using pure essential oils for His glory in Total Wellness. She put her findings together in a small book and a Video Training.  
  • eBook & Video Training System
Solutions for an Abundant Life
(12 week course)
Fast Action Discount*
$299 Now $247
ACT NOW ! Enroll for Solutions for an Abundant Life online before this offer ends, and receive and additional bonus! Mama Hugs mp3 audios Fearfully and Wonderfully made Healing Prayers for Little People and Big People Too!  
(These audios delivered week 4 )
*** Please note: this is the LOWEST investment that will ever be made available, PLUS you are receiving more than $100 in digital bonuses!  

Register Now and Save $50!
Your order is 100% Secured
3 Easy payments of 
Your order is 100% Secured
Solutions for an Abundant Life
(12 week course)
ACT NOW ! Enroll for Solutions for an Abundant Life online and receive and additional bonus! Mama Hugs mp3 audios Fearfully and Wonderfully made Healing Prayers for Little People and Big People Too!  
(These audios delivered week 4 )
*** Please note: this is the LOWEST investment that will ever be made available, PLUS you are receiving more than $100 in digital bonuses!  

Your order is 100% Secured
3 Easy payments of 
Your order is 100% Secured
Want More Details? 
Here’s a Class-by-Class Breakdown of Solutions for an Abundant Life!
  • Orientation & Welcome Class   
  •  Week 1: The Wounding Part 1  
  •  Week 2: The Wounding Part 2  
  •  Week 3: Father Wounds  
  •  Week 4: Mother Wounds  
  •  Week 5: Abuse and Trauma Wounds  
  •  Week 6: Dishonor and Judgement  
  • Week 7: Roots of Bitterness 
  •  Week 8: Inner Vows and Hardened Hearts
  •  Week 9: Renewing the Mind
  •  Week 10: Crucified but not Quite Dead
  •  Week 11: Walking it Out 
  •  Week 12: Rebuilding Relationships  

By the time we're finished, you'll be armed with the tools and strategies behind what it takes to live an Abundant Life, and will have 12-weeks of MAJOR growth and transformation under your belt.

Want More Details? 
What Others are saying about
Solutions for Abundant life Classes
Couples take Solutions together!
 The beginning of my healing process.
 I would not be married to my incredible husband, living my happily ever after, if I would not have taken Solutions. It was the beginning of my healing process.  
This class will melt through the pain.
Solutions for an Abundant Life has moved people into their destiny.
Mama is teaching and ministering from a kind and loving mother's heart, with abundant joy!
It’s a domino effect! 
Our grown children have benefited greatly as they left their faith as a result of being wounded by us but now have been returning to the Lord as they see and experience the healing process in their mom and dad's lives.
Churches and Families Take Solutions Together 
This class changed me
and actually still continues to change me now. Solutions is the most comprehensive healing program. Mamahug is real, raw, with plenty of laughter!  
Solutions helped me find the root to why we always lived Paycheck to Paycheck. Solutions literally gave me new eyes and ears to see and hear others in a totally different way as well as teaching me things about myself that i didn't know, but really NEEDED to know!    
Solutions for an Anbundant Life not only saved our marriage but brought healing to our whole church.  It has moved people into their destiny. Solutions for an Abundant Life = FREEDOM. It is a rare jewel.  

Thousands of Lives have been changed because of Solutions for an Abundant Life. 
Come on and enjoy this life you have been given. Now is your season for Freedom.

About MamaHug.. .
Mama Hug didn’t grow up with loving parents. As a young child she was rejected and abused. She was labeled as stupid, dumb and would never succeed. Mama found comfort in the Lord as a young child, but still broken and wounded she married and started her family by the time she was 17 years old.  

God had a sense of humor because in her early twenties Mama started ministering to young troubled teens from dysfunctional home environments. She would end up “fostering” 56 of these struggling young people in her home over 27 years. Mama would go on to get her Counselor’s degree and help thousands of wounded, hurting souls all over the world through her counseling, classes and trainings for more than 45 years. 

In her counseling practice Mama kept seeing the same wounded individuals use focused prayer, Bible verses, devotions, and various other Christian techniques and not get results. She grew sick and tired of hearing the same problems, fears and struggles. But one day God woke her up to His Solution for an Abundant Life. 
God directly taught Mamahug how to “hear the hurt”, pray for healing, and use Christ to heal the wounds. When she implemented this training the RESULTS were OUTSTANDING. Hearts healed, Relationships RESTORED, Fear and STRESS alleviated, and People TRANSFORMED. 
Today Mama hug lives an abundant life in Pensacola Florida with her dog Charlie. She is surrounded by precious friends and family who have benefited greatly from her Abundant Life Ministry. 
Solutions for an Abundant Life
This checklist should help you make the decision…

  •  You're really good at serving and meeting everyone else's needs but struggle with investing in yourself. You're ready for YOU TIME.  
  •  You want to gain confidence again and find clarity about what your passion and calling is. 
  •  You've struggled with the same issues for months or even years. You feel lost and in need of reconnecting with yourself and God. 
  •   You're ready to find you again and be your best self.
  •  You feel broken inside. You are your worst enemy. You don’t understand why you are stuck.  

  •  You’re looking for real Bible based teaching, down to earth, from someone who isn’t going to make you feel stupid if you don’t know certain scriptures.
  •  You want to be surrounded by others who will encourage and support you. You want to make amazing new friends who all want to be and do better in life for themselves, their marriages, and their children.   
  •  You're teachable and willing to participate fully in your own healing, transformation and success.  

  • Q1: I’m already crazy busy!! Will I actually have time to participate in this program??? How much time is it going to take? 
  • The fact that you consider yourself “crazy busy” is evidence that you need this program. You are going to WAKE up to why your life might be CRAZY and learn to let go and take some stress off your plate. Plus, all of our Live videos are recorded for you to reference whenever it’s convenient for you! The sense of peace you’ll find after moving through this program is going to be worth far more than the limited amount of time you’ll invest in it. 
  •  Q2: I’m afraid it’s selfish of me to spend this money on myself and buy this program.
  • Girl, you are buying right into Satan’s lies! He has done a number on faith-based women and convinced us that anything we put into our own personal development is “selfish” and “wasteful.” I’m taking a stand for the Kingdom and proclaiming that God wants us empowered! And we HAVE to take the time to be self-reflective and to establish our own WELLNESS to make the IMPACT that God desires us to have in the Kingdom! Additionally, you are getting the BEST deal when you enroll in this round of the program, because you’re coming in on our inaugural online course! The price will NEVER be this low again. You are worth making this investment in yourself.

  • Q3:What happens after I sign up?
  • We will do a happy dance the second you join the program! THEN, you’ll get an email with specific details for 12 weeks and an Orientation Video to watch about Solutions. You’ll also be sent a link to join our private FB group, where you can start connecting with your sisters in Christ! You’ll receive links to some of your FREE bonuses as well. We officially kick off the course on March 20th.

  •  Q4: What if Solutions for an Abundant Life isn’t what I was hoping it would be or it doesn’t fit my needs?
  • First of all, I believe that these pages explains in detail what you’re getting and the results you can achieve through Solutions for an Abundant Life. However, if you feel that you’ve put in the work and see no results from this course, I’d be happy to give you a refund within 60 days of your purchase on the condition that you show ample proof of implementation.
  • Just send an email to, and if you’re still within your 60 period, your request will be processed after proof of work done is provided.
  • Q5: Will I have immediate access to all the training material or is it released on weekly basis?
  • While I understand the excitement and need to jump ahead. Solutions for an Abundant Life classes will be released step-by-step so everyone is able to move in synchronization and grow together. This also ensures your classes, Q&A, and Prayer time are customized and tailored to your needs.

  • Q6: How will you provide support? Do I get direct access to MamaHug?
  • Mamahug is not available for individual counseling but she is available weekly to help you work through the content and pray for you
  •  You have 3 support channels to reach out to us:
  • 1) Email us at
  • 2) Ask a Question in the Q&A Private Facebook Support Community, or
  • 3) Join the Weekly group Q&A and Prayer LIVE video on Facebook to get your questions answered.

Your Solutions for an Abundant Life is Waiting to Unfold! 
Solutions for an Abundant Life
(12 week course)

Fast Action Discount*
$299 Now $247
Register Now and Save $50!
*Offer Ends August 19th
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Your order is 100% Secured
Solutions for an Abundant Life
(12 week course)

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